Benefits Management

The purpose of a project is to deliver benefits. Without proper benefits management it is difficult to prove that the project was worthwhile.

We work with your organisation on how to identify, track and manage benefits. 
Benefits can be measurable or assessable.
Key to this is to identify when intervention is required to ensure benefits are on track to be delivered.
Benefits management normally goes on long after a project has been completed.


We provide the Sponsor, Change Manager and Project Manager with advice as needed. This can be for a specific project or on Benefits Management in general.


Typically regular sessions with the Sponsor, Change Manager, Project Manager and Project Management Office and is not aimed at a specific project.


Typically regular sessions with the Sponsor, Project and Change Managers.

This is more hands-on and is aimed at improving outcomes for a specific Project or Business Case

Coaching includes how to establish and use a Benefits Management Plan using data and statistics to track benefits (measurable and assessable) and identify trends. 

The coaching includes how to create a Benefits Map to understand the factors that impact a benefit and how to make adjustments.


Formal training covering a range of topics including:

  • Creating Benefits Management Plan
  • Different types of benefits and how to define them
  • Establishing SMART Benefits
  • How to assess benefits
  • Aligning to KPIs
  • Creating Baselines
  • Creating Targets