Case Studies and Success Stories

The following are some examples of how we have helped organisations improve their project management skill and maturity. We have many other examples which may closely align with what your organisaiton is experiencing. 

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Group Training Project Mentors

Project Coaching and Upskilling

We coached the project delivery team and managers to improve their whole of organisation ability to deliver projects.

ASX 200 Company
Project Mentoring Services example

Governance and Mentoring

We implemented a Governance Model and commenced mentoring the project manager and deliver sponsor on governance and team development.

Local Government Council
Our Project Mentoring Services and Business Consulting Services

Advice and Support

The Project Management Office were seeking coaching and advice on their HRIS project and to provide advice through the life of the project.

Local Government Council
Group Training Project Mentors 2

Project Training

We delivered a number of training modules over a four week period to this organisation.

The training was aimed at addressing skill and knowledge gaps.  This was followed up with providing ad-hoc advice on specific projects.

Private Company (SME)
Friendly mentoring approach handshake

Rescuing a Project

Our role was to rescue a project that had failed twice before.

We provided training and coaching to all stakeholders and support for the duration of the project.

Local Government Council
Project Mentoring services example friendly

Sponsor and Business Case Mentoring

We mentored senior management sponsors on their role as a sponsor and the importance of aligning the Business Case and benefits to the project.

Water Utility