Business Cases

The Business Case sets out the reason why the Project was undertaken in the first place.
We work with you to ensure that the Project is aligned to the Business Case so that it will deliver the benefits required.


We provide the Sponsor and Project Manager with advice as needed. This can be for a specific project or on the Business Cases in general.

This can include attending Gateway Reviews, advice on the Business Case, setting up benefits planning


Regular sessions with the Sponsor and selected members of the Project Management Office.

Mentoring concentrates on adopting a portfolio approach to align Business Cases and projects.


Regular sessions with the Sponsor, Project Manager and Project Management Office.

This is more hands-on and is aimed at improving outcomes for a specific Business Case and ensuring the Business Case still stacks up. 

This includes providing  techniques to track and manage costs and benefits.

Before coaching can commence we spend time reviewing the Business Case.


Formal training covering a range of topics including:

  • Creating a Portfolio to manage: Resources, Risk, Costs, Benefits etc.
  • Aligning Business Cases with project deliverables
  • Project and Initiative methodology to rank and prioritise projects
  • Benefits and Cost reporting