A Sense of Purpose – How to Align a Problems Benefits with your Project

Have you been involved in a project that just does not seem to have a purpose.  Sure, it is going well, things are being delivered but you just cannot see the purpose. 

When the project is delivered there is a celebration as it was on time and budget but you just do not feel time it has achieved anything.

We have long advocated that everyone involved in a project must understand why they are there, their purpose.

It helps focus people on the benefits and solving the problems – why the project was initiated in the first place.

Organisations that invest in proven project management practices and focus on solving problems and delivering benefits waste 28 times less money because more of their strategic initiatives are completed successfully.

That is particularly good news because when organisations embark on projects and programs, they should do so with a clear mission:

To add value, advance strategies, and increase competitive advantage.

 So, the more mature they are with project management, the more likely they will achieve their goals.

Completing projects and programs successfully—on time, on budget, meeting goals—is essential. But just as important is a focus on expected business benefits.

Setting up a project for success by having clearly defined problems to be solved and benefits delivered is critical for success.

At Equal Bytes we have been helping organisations to get to the root cause of a problem and to define the benefits to be delivered using the Investment Management Framework and aligning to an organisations Project and Change Management plans.

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