Case Study – Aligning your project team

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Case Study – Aligning your project team

“What exactly are we fixing now?” This is a common scenario we come across. A project team that is not aligned leads to inefficiencies.

The scenario:

We are working with a medical organisation that has a low level of maturity when developing business cases. 

One of their main issues was that business cases were being approved without a strong link to the project management plan. The project team was unclear and frustrated on how they were contributing to the business case and the problems they were meant to help solve. 

Many projects were over budget and completed with doubt that all the problems had been solved and benefits delivered.

How we helped:

We worked with the business analysts and development lead to align the work to the problem and benefits.

We provided coaching to the project manager to change the way the stand-ups were being run.  At each stand-up the project manager outlined the problems and made sure the project team knew how they contributed.

For a particular project, the requirements were reviewed and aligned with the problem and benefits. These also fed into the change manager’s plans.  Where there was no alignment identified, the requirement was questioned and, in some cases, changed or deemed low priority.

The Result

The project team now know what they have to deliver and why.  This had the additional benefit of project members providing suggestions for improvements.

For the project reviewed, approximately 25% of the requirements were deemed low value and to be included in the next stage.  This resulted in cost and time savings. The project is now going to come in on budget due to a number of the requirements not being included as they were not contributing to the problem and benefits. The sponsor went back to the executive team more confident that the business case would stack up and benefits can be tracked and delivered over the next three years.

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