Is your project ready?

So you are about to start a project. It has been handed over and you have this feeling that not everything is ready.  How do you know if the project is ready and setup for success?

The last thing anyone wants is to head into a project that you know will probably not be successful.

If you have felt this and need help then our readiness check can be used to assess a project’s readiness and help start a conversations with stakeholders and take steps to ensure the project is setup for success.

The assessment is used to identify areas of concern that can be addressed. 

The assessment should continue for the whole project to make sure it stays on track.

The benefits of doing the assessment are many but mainly it helps you deliver a successful project.

How does it work?

The assessment focuses on a number of areas, including:

· Sponsorship

· Clarity on the project and the benefits it will deliver

· Resources are available with the right level of skill

· Budget is appropriate

· Change management is in place

· Etc.

There are over 20 assessment areas and each one is given a rating that helps to identify areas that need to be addressed.

Using our experience, we can help you to make changes so that your project is setup for success and you can sleep well at night.

If you need help or more information, reach out to one of our project mentors for a chat.

Project Mentors

Our mission is to use our experience and expertise to mentor, upskill guide and rescue projects to deliver success.

We provide a range of Mentoring, Coaching, Advice and Support aimed at entire projects or specific focus areas.

We can help you by:

· Providing mentors to increase your organisations project management knowledge

· Coaching project sponsors, project managers on a specific project

· Rescuing projects that have or are going off track

· Providing training on specific project management skill areas

For a discussion on how we can help, please contact us via:

0487 410 772

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